Thursday, 26 December 2013

Candles and Fairy lights - room must haves


 Over Christmas I've been adding the finishing touches to my room and you really won't believe the difference candles and fairy lights make. Sometimes a main light can be quite harsh, especially in my room which is blue - it makes it feel very icy. You really want to soften the light, making it warmer, feminine and all glowey (I'm not sure if that is a word). So with the aid of some cute tea lights, a chai tea scented candle (yum) and some warm white fairy lights from lights4fun (yes this is a website that I spend my free time on) this is what I set about doing.

 May I just add that EVERYONE should own a chai tea scented candle

  I was given a set of '100 postcards from Vogue' - Amazon £10, I'd had my eye on these for ages and I can tell you they are well worth the money. You get a whole box full of all the vintage covers which are simply gorgeous, I used mine to line my whole ceiling, but you really have enough to do a whole vogue wall. (Project alert)
Ella x

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