Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas Ribbons

So as Christmas is well on it's way I decided that for my first ever blog I would share with you a festive 'lil tradition I undertake every year:

Every December I pop down to a local fabric shop and buy about 50ps worth of christmassy ribbon to go in my hair. Its a cute little way to appreciate the countdown without having to sport large woolly snowmen jumpers ( I am in no way saying this is a bad thing, I love a good snowman jumper, but sometimes everyone is in need of a more sophisticated outfit). So far I've kept this up for five years and found this a very cost effective accessory. It's great for everyday use and if you happen to come from a school or college who don't appreciate your flashing bauble earrings this is the way
to go.
Now I'm not an interior design expert but I also like to hang these off one of my book shelves throughout the Christmas month. I find it gives a nice splash of colour and personal touch (which you will learn I am all about). And if you happen to have a bed frame with particularly big posts you could tie your Christmas ribbon in a bow round the top, which I think is really cute.

I hope this has given you some festive ideas and that you can include this as part of your Christmas routine!

          Ella x

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