Saturday, 21 December 2013

Cake Decorating!

 Recently I've been on a couple of baking missions, and since I spent time decorating them I thought I should share how to do these pretty designs without any skill required whatsoever!
This first one was for my Mums birthday, and though I was told never to go on bake off the decorations were a success. I started by making a simple vanilla sponge with vanilla essence and added some white chocolate chips, even though I didn't cook it right It's a nice flavor to use in the future. When it had cooled I whipped some cream and spread it all over the cake (I should add I spread a layer of strawberry jam first to make sure no crumbs mixed with the cream). Next I sliced the tops of some strawberries and then vertically sliced the strawberries into petal shapes. I think it's easy to see from the photo what I did next but to clarify I overlapped the strawberries in a ring then repeated this inside the first ring. Lastly I added some rose decorations from Waitrose, but you can pretty much get these anywhere. Voila!

This second one was for my sisters 7th birthday, so no surprise it was a chocolate cake. Its two tiered, which simply means a smaller cake on top of a bigger cake, secured with jam. I made some yellow butter icing and spread this all over the cake. Next I used some edible gold spray (Tesco), I sprayed a thin layer over the whole cake which gave it a tiny shimmer and then more in the center of the top cake. I grabbed my wafer daisy decorations (Tesco) and arranged the pink and white into a circle. It may be unclear in the photo but I also placed three yellow wafer daisies around the edge of the bottom cake. Then I put my little white sugar daisy decorations (Tesco) around the bottom cake. Last but not least I used little gold balls to line the rims of both cakes and then went a little crazy and added silver balls in between the little daisies and the big daisies on the top cake. Cute and shiny, perfect for a little girl.

Ella x

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