Sunday, 29 June 2014

Lily's Diary Entry no.3: Don't forget your shoes

Ella and I really need to figure out some kind of schedule for when we each post, she is in Cologne for a dance competition at the moment though so I thought I would post today so the gap between posts isn't too big.

Our friend had a Hawaiian themed party on Friday that Ella must have been gutted to miss being in Germany (she is most in her element in any situation involving dress up, especially when floral shirts and flower garlands are an option). I wore a dress that my mum bought on her honeymoon in Hawaii and put on a flowery headband. It was great because everyone there had put in the effort to dress up so there were flowery things and colourful clothes everywhere.

The host of the party had another party last year that we went to, it was probably one of the more eventful ones because I ended up going to A&E (I think that's called the ER in America) with one of my friends. She had been in the garden with bare feet and stood on what she thought then to have been a thorn but was actually quite a big piece of glass, she went inside to the dance floor and started to dance, eventually someone noticed the trail of blood in to the room and it was discovered that she had a big cut on the bottom of her foot. Some people took her in to the bathroom and tried to help, they were all quite drunk though and when I came in they were discussing what kind of plaster they should put on the cut. At this point I was pretty sober so I decided to take charge and put something over the cut and apply pressure (basic first aid skills wahey), a girl at the party lived next door so we took her over there where the parents promptly put her whole foot in a bucket of Dettol (a doctor at the hospital later asked 'did they hate you?'). After some confusion the host of the party's parents came home and before I knew it I was in the back of the car off to A&E with my bleeding friend. 

When we got there we had to wait for quite a long time to be seen, but finally the doctor came and put 5 stitches (ouch) in my friend's foot. She was still pretty drunk and went a bit weird from cutting her foot, so my friend for some reason insisted on wearing her pair of glassed in the shape of beer glasses while she was being stitched up, the doctor wasn't amused.

All in all I would say that was a pretty exciting night, but it did prompt for me to officially say this time round that I would not be going to hospital with anyone, luckily it wasn't necessary as everyone was very conscious of having their shoes on and on the lookout for shards of glass.

Lily x

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