Friday, 20 June 2014

Ella's Diary Entry no.2: I think I need dream analysis

I've just woken up, I'm slouching on the sofa with an episode of modern family playing in the background, still slightly disturbed by a dream I just had. A musical dream.

I'm not talking about a stage production, a real life musical where people just break into song like in the films. I may have just written the new smash hit.

So it started off with my family building a new house in a neighborhood full of our family friends, apparently we were rich because we had two buildings, one for living and one the had a ginormous pool. I only vaguely remember my mum joyfully slapping paint onto the walls whilst the neighborhood sang a rendition of 'bring the house down' by S Club 7. It was of course stereotypically sunny and everyone was wearing dancing shoes. But everything took a dark turn when we realised our new house was haunted, apparently by mysterious wood chips with the faces of deers etched into them?Things became serious when we found a dead deer in my parents bed. We had a meeting round our pool with our friends to discuss our action plan.It had a similar atmosphere to that scene in Les Miserables with the red and the black flags.

Suddenly all the men were dressed as robin hood and chanting a medieval song and ran out to the woods where a herd of deer started to attack, the swung from vines and stabbed the animals with knives made of bones and we all cheered, at which point my guinea pig shouted "WATCH OUT FOR THE MONKEYS". We all watched in horror as a herd, is it herd? of gorillas stampeded towards us and suddenly I was one of the men swinging from the vines. I could see a massive fight scene going on beneath me and everyone started to make an arena around the lead monkey, who was huge and hairy and had a sword and suddenly I had to give the deciding blow. I swung towards him and threw the knife, which promptly missed and someone else had to do it  for me (typical), but everyone cheered and broke into the finale, which was a dance number called "Thank god for all the wives"(don't ask, this came from the inner corners of my mind). This was sung by the men, still dressed in tight medieval trousers, whilst the wives danced in a circle looking very smug.

And all was well in the Russell household once more.

I'm still reeling so i'm going to go and make myself a cup of tea and sit in a darkened room for a while.

Ella x

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