Friday, 1 August 2014

Lily's Diary Entry no.4: Prom

As Ella and I were in our last year at school this year, a part of the whole process of leaving included our school Prom. It was held at the East Sussex National Golf Club and it was quite fancy and big. I wore a green sequin bodycon maxi dress from ASOS and a pair of black heels, Ella wore a matching skirt and crop top with a floral pattern that was also from ASOS and heels that were a nude colour.

Here are some pictures of Ella and I with our friends. The photography was done by Edward Reeves Photography.

One problem with the night was that there didn't seem to be any air conditioning or anything so it was swelteringly hot, especially seeing as we were all so dressed up. To make this more annoying they were only letting 3 people outside at a time so there was a crowd of boiling teenagers gathered around the door begging to be let out all night. Overall it was pretty fun getting dressed up and saying goodbye to the people in our year.

Lily x

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