Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lily's Diary Entry no.2: Goodbye maths papers

I did not realise it was the end of the month already I swear it was May like yesterday? This came as a bit of a shock to me as I was mindlessly ploughing through episode after episode of Call The Midwife (I've already watched all the episodes of Downton Abbey in a few days, not sure if that's impressive or weird and obsessive [definitely weird and obsessive]), I looked over at my phone and saw the date was already the 25th. This was one of those epiphany moments when I just thought to myself 'Lily, what are you doing with your life? You have practically not left your bed for a whole month, enough is enough. Get up and be productive!' But then I realised that getting up meant facing life and people so just like that my epiphany was over, it was a nice thought though.

Now when I say I haven't left my bed for a month I'm exaggerating a bit (only a little bit), one of the social things I have done was burning past papers and old workbooks with some friends. We all brought a stack of papers and books and between the four of us we had a pile almost a metre tall. We started by just throwing the paper in to the fire but as we all realised we would never have to do the subjects we hate ever again it got more ceremonial. Ella insisted on burning her things herself and cackled as her Spanish book and the little drawing of her English teacher that had obviously made her lessons well spent went up in flames. We slept outside in my friend's garden which was really nice apart from the morning when we all woke up with a nice dusting of paper ash coating everything, including us.

Here's a picture of Ella and our friend Nancy burning things.

I went to see my grandmother today, she lives a couple of hours away and I don't see her much so it was nice to go. She has lots of her funny ways, calling us up various times a day each time with a new observation or more likely complaint, the most memorable being the 'there are too many cornflakes in the packet' incident when we had to retrieve said cornflakes, and the 'there are no good apples at the co-op' time when we we unable to help. My grandma has lived in the same house for 50 years and I think it must be weird for her to have so many memories in one place, my granddad passed away in April so the house must feel so empty all by herself. I have decided I don't like the idea of ageing, its daunting, I don't think I need to be thinking about that yet at all but to me getting old feels like a terrifying concept. I'd quite like to stop ageing at about 20 if someone could arrange that please?!

Okay strange sort of rant type thing, but not really, over.

Lily x

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