Monday, 20 January 2014

How To Keep Your Hair In Good Condition

Keeping your hair in good condition is such a popular topic among, well, everyone. No one wants to be walking around with split ends up to their ears, myself included. Since I have long hair, which is unfortunately prone to split ends I have over the years gathered tips on how to keep your hair healthy. Here's a list of everything you need to know:
  1. Getting a regular trim - the simplest thing you can do, to me this used to mean going to the hair dressers once a year but THIS IS NOT ENOUGH, ideally you should being getting a trim once every two months.
  2. Heat protection - It's obvious I know but this is a crucial step if you feel you have to use heat on your hair, you can get loads of heat protect products for really good prices, I will recommend down below.
  3. DON'T BRUSH YOUR HAIR WHEN IT'S WET - You know that ripping sound when you drag the brush through your matted locks? Well that's your hair. Either wait until your hair is dry or very gently pull through with a comb.
  4. Condition, Condition, Condition - It's not a good idea to be shampooing everyday. Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils and using it too often can lead to dry and greasy locks, but this doesn't apply to conditioner. It is called 'conditioner' after all, using it daily will actually do your hair good and keep it soft and shiny, especially for those with chemically coloured hair and those who use heat regularly. If you are a busy bee and do not have time to condition all the time then deep conditioning your hair every week should have a similar effect. Please note if you keep your hair natural you may already have naturally conditioned hair, so do not need to use every day and should only focus on conditioning from the mid - ends of your hair. 
  5. Read ingredients - Unfortunately a lot of the big brands use very harsh chemicals in their products. The one to look out for is sodium laureth sulphate, which is extremely damaging, even herbal essences include this in there products! If you have dry hair the answer could be as simple as switching shampoo, go natural dude.
  6. Argon Oil - I cannot tell you how totally AMAZING this product is! Its amazing for hair, skin, everything and will feature in my 'how to keep your skin in good condition' post in a couple of weeks. It's 100% natural and can be used as a daily moisturizer, a deep conditioner, a heat protectant AND it softens hair,adds shine and helps thicker hair growth by strengthening your strands. Omigosh.
  7. Don't wash your hair with really hot water - Remember your hair is delicate, hot temperatures can damage, dry and in some cases encourage sebum production on the scalp and sebum=grease. Try showering in cooler temperatures, especially if you have frizz-prone hair.
  8. Massage your scalp - Now this is an easy one, always massage your scalp for 30 seconds before washing, this stimulates the scalp, promoting hair growth and helps lift buildup ready to be washed away.
  9. Putting a myth to bed - There is lots of debate about switching products regularly because they stop working on your hair, THIS ISN'T TRUE. If you see any affect at all it isn't the products changing, it's your hair! seasons, weather and environment all affect your hair and you need a change of routine (e.g moisturizing hair mask in the winter) not products!
  10. Lather, Rinse, Don't repeat - You may have noticed that a lot of instructions on shampoo and conditioner bottles say something along the lines of "Lather, Rinse, Repeat", don't listen. This is unfortunately just a way for the companies to get you to use more of the product, have to repurchase more quickly and gain more profit. Soaking your hair in chemicals twice is not the way to go.
Phew, so there you go, that took A LOT of research and now I'm in need of a cake or two. I hope this helps with hair struggles and I will link some of my fav products below. Please remember I am not a hair expert and so if you happen to know some of this advice is wrong please let me know! I would also like to know any products you use/any steps I may have missed out. Let me know!!
Ella x
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Argon oil
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