Thursday, 13 February 2014

Button Bracelets

 Well lordy lord would you look at that, its been like three weeks since we last feels like years, I've been cooped up at home going mad with revision and a strictly no-blogging-until-finished rule. Ew. Well amigos since half term is well on its way I can assure you we will be back to business.
So today is literally the easiest, cutest, cheapest little DIY accessory in the world, it's brill to add as a little extra to birthday presents and retro outfits (I recently made one up of little vintage buttons of varying neutral colours to slip into a friends birthday card). 
All you will need is some thin elastic and some buttons. Elastic is around 50p a meter and buttons are like 10p each so you could easily make this for £2 or less! I know in the picture mine is threaded with a ribbon but I used a big ass needle to do it so if you don't own any sewing equipment stick to elastic. I think it's pretty self-explanatory where I threaded the ribbon ...but for the unobservant out there, put the ribbon through the holes.
And there you go, tie it off and your on your way!
Hope this just gives a little inspiration for any future gifts and since we've just hit 300 followers I will do a special Ella edition of "Impressing boys: what not to do" for valentines day.

Ella x


  1. I'm so going to try this! I'm obsessed with bracelets and have far too many but I will be adding this to the collection when I can, such a nice idea :) x