Monday, 10 March 2014

The worlds least interesting post

Welcome to the worlds least interesting post, I thought I'd just pop up from my bottomless pit of work and assure you all that yes, we are still alive. Sort of. I promise you all that we will be getting back into blogging asap, recently exams have just had to be top priority - as much as I love talking with all you crazy blogging peeps.
Does anyone else find that the seasons affect their moods? Over here in England we are just coming out of a miserable winter and since its been sunny I've been happier than I have in months (Even though I could only look at the sun through my window). I've always found that in winter I get pretty sad and fed up with everything but never to the extremes that I've experienced this time round. I simply cannot wait for the summer (3 months of glory bitchess), I'm actually finding it hard to concentrate on my GCSE's I'm so hyped (yup holidays to Cologne, Italy, Greece with lils and Reading festival with the freakin Arctic Monkeys). Oh lord. So there you go, I have officially wasted a minute of your time. I just felt sorry for our little March sub-heading with nothing underneath it, it's alright March now you can be special too.

Ella xo


  1. Winter in Canada has been insane too! I love winter, and spring is not my favourite season, but I can see the change in mood. Know what else can change your mood? The fact that I just nominated you for a Liebster award! Now March can be even more special!

  2. We have had an easy winter so far in Utah which is kind of weird but yesterday was a gorgeous spring day.
    xx Michelle

    1. glad to hear it, its mental in England at the moment, totally sunny! xox

  3. Season doesn't affect my mood... Weather I hate how weather affects it!